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We handle maritime and air transportation using our network for the import and export of freight to and from Japan, as well across trade shipping. We have established an integrated logistics service.

For freight import: receipt of goods from the vessel, customs clearance, container transportation ,truck transportation/small-lot delivery.

For freight export: receiving and packaging goods, customs clearance, shipping arrangement, document preparation.

Our high-quality services enable us to respond promptly to a wide range of customer need swith speedy and reliable transportation by specialized staff, including the arrangement of heavy weight trailers and barges to transport goods in smokestack industries.

Customs clearance

While customs clearance plays an essential role in international logistics, the process of determining tariff rates has become increasingly complicated due to international economic partnership agreements accompanying the recent changes in the international situation. Such highly complex customs clearance requires high level of expertise. We employ a large number of customs clearance specialists (national qualifications)with a wealth of knowledge and experience to carry out prompt and appropriate customs clearance procedures.

We achieved AEO (*) certification in May 2018, accompany that offers smooth logistics while maintaining the security of customs clearance. We provide higher-quality services Asian AEO.

※AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

System: The Customs House authorizes and certifies business operators that have put in place security management and legal compliance systems, and provides them with measures to mitigate and simplify customs procedures. A business operator that has been authorized and accredited under this system is referred to as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).


We offer services to match customers’ requirements, from storage management tailored to the characteristics of products in various forms, to distribution processing, inspection, and delivery .In addition, packaging designed on the basis of reliable technical strength developed through years of experience contributes to improved loading efficiency on marine containers.

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